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Men suspected of being gay robbed, stripped and blackmailed in Ghana

Men suspected of being gay robbed, stripped and blackmailed in Ghana

Gay men are being attacked in Ghana

Homophobes have continued their aggravated attacks on people they believe to be gay or lesbian in Ghana.

This phenomenon of lawless attacks on perceived LGBTI persons has taken a new twist as LGBTI people continue to face widespread attacks and violence against them.

On 5 January 5 a group of men were lured to Kasoa, a suburb of Accra (Ghana’s capital) where they were allegedly robbed of their
phones, money and other valuables.

In addition, they were stripped naked, videoed and photographed.

One of the victims, Mensah, told Human Rights Defenders Ghana that he met one of the guys on a social hook up app.

They both decided to meet at Kasoa where they could get to know each other.

While in the room, three other guys entered and demanded his phones and wallet.

They stripped him naked, took pictures of him and sent him to a bathroom where he they detained him with another victim while they tried to find more victims.

Ray (not his real name), said the same ordeal also happened to him.

More victims were later locked in the bathroom with them.

The assailants forced to kiss and caress whilst they took videos and photos of them. The later posted the videos on social media.

The men reported the incident to the police and who have arrested two of the perpetrators.

Homosexuality is illegal in Ghana, but the government is pushing to create even harsher anti-LGBTI laws.

Attacks against lesbians

In September 2018,a  mob of young people in Tafo recently arrested two lesbians allegedly having fun in their own bedroom.

The mob  grabbed them from their room and tried lynching them but luckily a police patrol team managed to
save them.

LGBTI Women in Ghana interviewed by Human Rights Watch said they had been beaten, evicted from their homes and ostracized by their communities while many struggle to find employment and accommodation.

A lesbian couple said they were attacked by a mob in their village in the Ashanti region .

‘One of the guys took a cutlass from the house and wanted to put it in my vagina,’ she told human rights advocates.

Human Rights Defenders Ghana will continue to monitor and record cases of discrimination and violence against minority groups in Ghana.

Buatsi Redeemer is a LGBTI advocate at Human Rights Defender Ghana.