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Men turn gay for ‘the cheap orgasm’, says anti-gay US pundit

Men turn gay for ‘the cheap orgasm’, says anti-gay US pundit

A US anti-gay pundit went on air to attack gay men, saying men choose to be gay for a ‘cheap orgasm’.

Peter LaBarbera, a self-confessed opponent of gay rights and founder of anti-gay group Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, was a guest on the James David Manning’s radio show (8 July).

Manning, a pastor who regularly rallies against the LGBTI community, and LaBarbera also claimed US president Barack Obama is obsessed with gay people.

LaBarbera said he thinks homosexuals are not ‘real men’, because they cannot be bothered to date, marry and have children with a woman so instead they choose the easier gay life.

‘I think homosexuality is one sense offers to men, if I can say this on your program, it offers the cheap orgasm,’ he said.

‘It’s a lot harder to be a man, a real man and have a family, court a woman, marry a woman, have children, raise a family.’

The two men also criticized Obama for supporting gay rights, and voiced their horror at rainbow flags being flown around the world at various embassies for gay pride celebrations around the world.

‘Do you now realize that our country has flown the rainbow flag at embassies across the world?’ said LaBarbera.

‘He’s pandering to such a degree that it’s like there is a spiritual force behind this, because who can explain the obsession that Barack Obama and his administration have for this issue.’

Manning also described gay people as a ‘third gender’ and same-sex marriage as an ‘abomination’.

Right Wing Watch provides a recording of the radio show in which LaBarbera goes on to speak about equipping children with the right tools to deal with gay people when the encounter them.

LaBarbera advocates teaching children being gay is against God’s plan, and they should challenge anyone they meet who identifies as gay by saying: ‘Are you really? Because I don’t think God wants homosexuality, it’s not part of God’s plan for anybody’s life.’

LaBarbera’s group Americans for Truth about Homosexuality has been classed as a hate group and in April this year he was even arrested at a university campus in Canada for his extreme views.