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Men who want to be liked also more likely to claim they have a big penis

Men who want to be liked also more likely to claim they have a big penis

Men who want to be liked are also more likely to claim they have a big penis.

Researchers have found a link between self-image and a need to be seen as bigger than average.

Bruce King, a psychology professor at Clemson University, said there is often an issue with studies that aim to find the average penis size.

Because many believe the actual average is smaller than people think.

‘In recent years, there have been many studies showing that people’s self-reports of energy intake and body weight are not truthful. These types of data can be verified,’ King said.

‘The studies show that people’s responses are affected by what is considered to be socially desirable.

‘That being the case, should sexuality researchers continue to assume that self-reports of sexual behavior are truthful?’

In a survey, researchers asked 166 male college students to complete the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale.

This scale assesses when participants are responding truthfully or responding with inaccurate but socially desirable answers.

The survey then also asked how big their penis was when erect.

Men more concerned with social approval tended to say they had bigger penises.

‘The average person probably would not be interested in academic questions such as self-reports and correlations with social desirability. However, of secondary importance is that the often repeated statement that the average size erect penis is 6.0-6.25 inches is probably a myth, based on many studies in which men self-reported penis size,’ King told PsyPost.

‘The grand mean for four studies in which researchers took measurements was 5.36 inches (and a fifth study with several hundred Korean military men found 4.75 inches). This has probably led many men to feel inadequate and insecure.’

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