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Mermaids reaffirms support for fellow trans rights group ahead of critical article

Mermaids reaffirms support for fellow trans rights group ahead of critical article

Mermaids is considering legal action against the Sunday Times

A UK-based trans rights charity has reiterated their support for a fellow trans advocacy NGO ahead of an upcoming newspaper article.

The article interviews people who regret transitioning and follows the story of a psychotherapist who wanted to research it further but his university refused him permission.

One interviewee in the article said: ‘I’m not the other sex. I shouldn’t have done this.’

Trans rights charity Mermaids released a statement saying they are ‘proud to stand by’ the Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES).

The group released a statement to Gay Star News ahead of an upcoming article in The Sunday Times newspaper which is expected to be critical of their fellow group.

‘Mermaids are proud to stand by GIRES as they respond in a factual and measured way to another inquiry from the Sunday Times regarding transgender people,’ the group said in a statement sent to Gay Star News.

‘Our hope is that the article itself will be as fair and authoritative.’

Mermaids have clashed with The Sunday Times in the past, which includes lodging a complaint about an article the newspaper published in October 2017.

‘Our work […] demonstrates the value of loving support’

Trans rights advocates have accused a number of news outlets in the UK of stocking anti-trans sentiments.

Trans charities and NGOs have been highly vocal about the representation of trans people in the media on numerous occasions.

In their statement, Mermaids outlined the importance of the work both charities do for trans children.

‘Our work with young people and their families demonstrates the value of loving support, and the difference it makes to the mental health of transgender and gender variant children and young people, whatever the eventual outcome may be,’ Mermaids’ statement said.

‘We do not count or measure whether children and young people continue down a trans pathway.

‘We simply believe that support and love in the here and now will not dictate an outcome but will foster healthy loving relationships that can weather any storm.’

In 2017, Mermaids lodged a complaint with the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) over an article The Sunday Times wrote which profiled the group.

Mermaids CEO Susie Green said the group took ‘huge issues’ with the newspapers’ reporting.

The Sunday Times later published a clarification on the article.

Divisive debate

This is another example of the divisive debate over trans rights in the UK.

Mermaids have also been caught in the middle of a polarising debate, which has largely taken place online.

A number of women’s rights activists have expressed their opposition to trans rights groups, as well as several high-profile figures.

This includes comedy writer Graham Linehan, TV host Piers Morgan, and comedian Robert Webb.

Linehan has been particularly vocal in his opposition to Mermaids, and spearheaded a campaign to rescind funding from the group.

However, this backfired following a crowdfunding campaign from a gamer known as HBomberGuy.

HBomberGuy – citing Linehan’s opposition to the charity – managed to raise over $338,000 after playing Donkey Kong 64 for around 57 hours straight.

The gamer garnered international attention for his efforts, with pop icon Cher and US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offering their support to the cause.