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Merry MEMEmas!

Merry MEMEmas!

A festive reinterpretation of our favorite memes of 2017. Images: Gay Star News

Memes are one of our favorite phenomenons of the social media age – little snippets of culture, a captioned image that makes us laugh and makes us want to share with friends.

Culture and entertainment are going to be key themes in our Digital Pride festival in April 2018, so we teamed up with Mzz Kimberley (Mama Claus) and Sean O’Flanagan (Rudolph) to have a bit of fun and take a look back at some of the stand-out memes of 2017 – reimagining them with a festive twist.


In January this year, a Turkish chef found internet fame after a video of his flamboyant preparation of a steak dinner went viral. Here’s our Rudolph re-enacting the sass:

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The unicorn craze has soared to new heights this year, from general merchandise to the popular yet polarising Unicorn Frappucino. If you’ve been on social media at all this year, you’ll most likely have seen someone identifying with this mythical beast, and here, Rudolph throws his tantrum in Mama Claus’ direction!

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Right in Front of My Salad?

This iconic quote is taken from the (surprisingly good) gay porn film Private Lessons 3. The clip went viral in July this year when social media enthusiasts around the world adopted it as a new way to express their disapproval, discontent, or general disgust at someone or something.

In the scene, a husband hires a chef – who turns out to be a naked chef – to assist in the arduous task of making his wife a salad. The men get a bit distracted in the kitchen, and when the wife realises, she’s quick to voice her disapproval.

Watch Mama Claus catching Rudolph at it, right in front of her healthy snack.

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Cash Me Ousside, How Bout Dah

Taken from an episode of Dr Phil’s talk show back in September 2016, teenager Danielle Bregoli shot to fame (and fortune) this year after the clip of her drawling this phrase went forth and multiplied.

Here’s how we’ve been using it this festive season:

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Shooting Stars

The meme technically dates back to 2015 – it’s generally used to mock someone falling over, generally in epic fashion. However, after Katy Perry used it in her video for Swish Swish early this year, we felt it deserved to be included in our festive meme celebration.

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Digital Pride 2018 runs from 23–28 April 2018. Keep your eye on Gay Star News for details of how to get involved.

Thanks to London’s Imaginarium for helping us to live our festive fantasies.