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Mexican boxer apologizes after calling gay people a ‘plague’

Mexican boxer apologizes after calling gay people a ‘plague’

Mexican boxer Dario Larralde

A Mexican boxer, Dario Larralde, has issued several apologies after upsetting people with a homophobic rant that he posted to his social media.

Back2Stonewall quotes him, translated from Spanish, as saying: ‘Fuck me fucking gays, I have a fucking phobia … everywhere I go there’s always a gay punk watching me … Everything your community does, everything you do, everything you represent, shits me , I will never accept it. I know that Hitler was a bad person, but in that I support him. The plague gays are a pest.’

He has subsequently deleted the video but other Twitter users captured it.

The original two-minute video was posted by Larralde last week. However, he almost immediately started to receive backlash about it. Among those to criticize it was Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Méndez.

He called for the government to take action against Larralde. The amateur boxer claimed on his Instagram page to be representing Mexico at the 2020 Olympics.

Mexican International Olympic Committee distances itself from amateur boxer

The Mexican IOC has since clarified that Larralde is not part of the Mexico boxing team. It posted a statement to its Facebook page on Friday distancing itself from the young boxer’s comments.

‘The Mexican Olympic Committee condemns the homophobic statements towards the LGBT community made by Darío Larralde, who does not belong to the national boxing team.’

The claim to be representing his country has since disappeared from Larralde’s Instagram profile. He’s also posted videos to Twitter to apologize and try to clarify his earlier comments.

He concedes that he said he agreed with Adolf Hitler when it came to gay people, but claims he was only speaking in the heat of the moment.

He asks that people do not put words into his mouth and to bear in mind that his family and wife have also been affected by the backlash.

He also retweeted comments from supporters saying that many LGBT people are too sensitive. His latest tweets say he is to retire from posting on Twitter.

H/T: Back2Stonewall 

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