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Mexican gay couple married in US has marriage recognized back in Mexico

Mexican gay couple married in US has marriage recognized back in Mexico

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A married gay couple, Daniel Berezowsky and Jaime Chávez Alor, became the first Mexican citizens to have their same-sex marriage recognized in their home country.

The couple married at the Mexican consul in New York City in an intimate ceremony.

‘Everything went so fast,’ Chávez Alor told NBC News.

‘But we were very happy that this was finally happening. After six years of being in a relationship, we knew that this was the step we wanted to take.’

It took the men six months and a lengthy battle to get a marriage licence from the Mexican consul in NY. They filed a legal challenge to the with a federal court in Mexico. On 19 October  the court ruled in their favor.

‘We thought it was discriminatory and a violation of our human rights,’ Chávez Alor said.

‘We had every right to get married.’

In 2015, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled a bans on same-sex marriages was unconstitutional.

But same-sex marriages can only be officiated in Mexico City and a handful of states in Mexico.

Thanks to the two men, Mexican lawmakers are now considering updating its laws to recognize same-sex couple married abroad.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrated the men’s marriage.

‘Their persistence will make a meaningful difference for LGBT Mexican immigrants and their families living in New York City and elsewhere,’ the New York Mayor’s office wrote on Facebook.

‘We are so proud that Daniel and Jaime chose NYC, the host of the world’s largest diplomatic community & the birthplace of the modern movement for LGBT rights, for their special day.’

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