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Mexican public backs same-sex marriage and would support LGBT+ family members

Mexican public backs same-sex marriage and would support LGBT+ family members

  • Vast majority have LGBT+ friends and would be happy to hire an LGBT+ worker.
Waving a Pride flag in Mexico.

Mexican adults firmly support same-sex marriage and would happily accept LGBT+ people in their families.

Those are the major findings by Mexican national polling organization Enkoll.

However, despite the public’s positive attitudes, the survey also found that the vast majority of gay and bi people felt they had suffered discrimination.

Mexico currently offers same-sex marriage in 18 of its 31 states and in the capital, Mexico City.

But the poll indicated that 62% of adults support marriage equality. Just 30% are against and 8% are not sure.

Likewise, same-sex couples can only adopt children or their partner’s children in 16 states and Mexico City. Here the public is less supportive. But 51% are back gay people’s right to adopt with just 37% against and 12% unsure.

Meanwhile 90% would hire an LGBT+ person for a job if they were the best qualified. Moreover, 59% would vote for an LGBT+ politician while only 19% wouldn’t and 22% unsure.

Friends and family life

A child at Pride with a rainbow flag.
A child at Latin American Pride in Mexico City. Tris Reid-Smith

The researchers also asked a series of questions about family life.

In particular they asked people if they would feel if they had a child, sister, brother or other close relative who came out as LGBT+.

And 77% responded they would, with just 12% who said they wouldn’t and 11% unsure.

Indeed, 67% would help a son, daughter or close family member to come out, although 20% wouldn’t and 13% didn’t know.

Unusually, they asked people if they believed a child or teenager could change their sexual orientation because they have an LGBT+ friend. But over two-thirds (68%) said they couldn’t with only 23% thinking they could.

Meanwhile an even bigger number – 87% – would be happy for their child, sibling or other loved one to have LGBT+ friends. Indeed, 82% said they had LGBT+ friends themselves.

Moreover, the survey showed that Mexicans understand the basics of the LGBT+ community.

The researchers asked if they knew what LGBTTTI (the initialism used in Mexico) stands for and 86% knew all of it with 11% knowing part. (The Ts are transgender, transexual and transvestite).

Likewise, 57% even knew what ‘conversion therapies’ are. Mexico has not yet banned the dangerous so-called LGBT+ ‘cures’. However, the Mexican Congress has been considering a ban with punishments of three years prison for offenders.

Despite this, Mexican LGBT+ people continue to face discrimination. The survey found that 84% of gay people and 64% of bi people suffered discrimination because of their sexuality.

The researchers surveyed 1,018 people from 22 to 24 June. They said their sample represents Mexicans aged 18 or over who use Facebook and Instagram.

It tallies with a previous poll which found 69% of citizens favor marriage equality.