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Mexican singer feared a gay donor so he refused a liver transplant

Mexican singer feared a gay donor so he refused a liver transplant

Vicente Fernández, a Mexican singer

Vicente Fernández, an iconic Mexican singer, reportedly refused a ‘medically necessary’ liver transplant for fear of the organ donor being ‘gay or a drug addict’.

In a recent interview, Fernández revealed he stopped touring in 2012 when doctors found a cancerous lump in his liver.

‘They wanted to give me a liver from another bastard,’ he said. ‘I do not go to sleep with my wife with the liver of another wey, nor do I know if he was a homosexual or a drug addict.’

People quickly criticized Fernández’s comments and called them out for their homophobia.

Dr. Mario Antonio Cardona, a transplant surgeon at ABC Hospital, called the comments an ‘aberration’ and ‘ignorant’.

‘The only thing that can reject an organ or a tissue is that the donor has an acute contagious infection or has a chronic communicable infection,’ he explained.

Cardona continued, specifically highlighting Fernández’s comments about the donor being gay: ‘It is totally absurd and inhuman to think of homosexuality as if it were an infection. That a person has a certain social behavior does not imply they cannot be a great donor.’

Fernández’s son defends him

Vicente Fernández Jr., Fernández’s son, defended his father against criticisms of homophobia.

‘My father never declared about being homophobic or have a sexual preference of any person,’ he said. ‘The only thing he said is that he never went to sleep with the liver of another bastard.’

Fernández Jr. then questioned whether it’s exclusibely heterosexual people who enjoy the work of his father.

Fernández has since received medical attention and is now doing well and in good health, according to his son.

These comments surfaced just as a photo of LGBTI Mexicans arrested for homosexuality in 1953 went viral online. People praised them for their bravery and how they inspired generations after them.

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