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Mexico considers changing marriage laws for same-sex couples living abroad

Mexico considers changing marriage laws for same-sex couples living abroad

Mexico Senate

The authorities in Mexico are considering making significant changes to the country’s marriage laws for same-sex couples living abroad.

The potential changes would allow consular offices to authorize marriages and issue marriage certificates.

Under current laws, consulates can block attempts by Mexican citizens living abroad who wish to marry their same-sex partners.

The move has been introduced by Senator José Alejandro Peña Villa, LGBTQ Nation reports.

In the past, numerous same-sex marriages were blocked by Mexican consulates.

On occasion, some members of staff have argued that their respective consulates lack the facilities to officiate same-sex marriages, though Villa disputes these claims.

‘According to the Law of the Mexican Foreign Service and its Regulations, the consular authorities are authorized to act as judges of the Civil Registry and, therefore, have the power to take birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as to issue the certified copy correspondent,’ Villa said during a presentation outlining the initiative on Tuesday (4 December).

Marriage equality in Mexico

Villa, who is a member of leftist party Morena, says that the policy of marriage equality is a human rights issue.

‘In Morena, we are convinced and committed to the human rights agenda. We have a different direction and we have an inclusive policy,’ he said.

Mexico’s supreme court ruled that bans on same-sex marriages were unconstitutional in 2015.

However, same-sex marriages can only be officiated in Mexico City and a handful of states in Mexico.

If the motion is successful, this would mean that Mexican citizens in same-sex relationships could marry their partners abroad, even if it would not be permitted in their home states.

In 2013, Senator Fernando Mayans from the Party of the Democratic Revolution proposed the legalization of same-sex marriage nationally in Mexico, though the motion was blocked by the National Action Party.

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