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Mexico politician: Gays shouldn’t marry ‘as they don’t face each other during sex’

Mexico politician: Gays shouldn’t marry ‘as they don’t face each other during sex’

A Mexico politician has caused outrage after she said gay people should not be allowed to marry as they do not face each other during sex.

Ana María Jiménez Ortiz, a congresswoman for the Mexican political party PAN, was speaking to supporters about the possibility of same-sex marriage being legalized in the state of Puebla.

According to local media reports, Ortiz said ‘marriage should only be considered in those relationships in which the members have sex while facing each other.’

She added a marriage should only be considered among people that can ‘look at each other in the eye while having sexual intercourse’, which she says ‘does not happen in homosexual couples’.

The politician also reportedly cited a study by Mark Regnerus claiming children of same-sex couples have a higher rate of mental issues in later life, according to The Independent.

The study was widely debunked and criticized after it was published last year, with many other studies proving children of same-sex parents are actually better adjusted, can speak more openly and are generally happier and healthier.

SDP Noticias claims Ortiz made a statement on Twitter before making her account private.

‘I made clear my position on the issues in a respectful manner and with conviction, it is the only way we will come to common ground on these important issues.’

In Mexico, same-sex marriages are performed legally in Mexico City and the states of Quintana Roo, Coahuila and Colima. They are explicitly banned in Yucatán.

Despite this, the Supreme Court has ruled same-sex marriages performed in legal states must be recognized in states where it is not.