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WATCH: Comedian tells straight people how to behave in gay bars

WATCH: Comedian tells straight people how to behave in gay bars

Michael Henry (right) is unimpressed by his fellow passenger's evening out

We love comedy YouTube star Michael Henry. The gay funny man has previously made videos looking at how gay men let their butch-acting routine slip after having sex, and that moment when gay guys are introduced to a friend’s new love interest and realize they’ve previously had sex with them.

His latest video is another gem but with more serious undertones.

Entitled ‘Gay men love me’, it finds him sharing an Uber-pool ride home from a gay bar in West Hollywood. Both the straight cab driver and a woman passenger inform Henry and the other gay man in the backseat that they love going to gay bars.

The driver says gay men love him and are always giving him their numbers and making flirty comments on his Uber reviews. He likes going to gay bars as they’re always full of ‘gay guys’ cute girlfriends’.

The woman says gay men love her too. She’s been to a gay bar because it was her straight friend Jenny’s birthday.

‘Oh, how come you went to a gay bar and not somewhere else?’ asks Henry.

‘Because Jenny’s dating a bouncer and we don’t have to wait in line,’ she replies nonchalantly, before saying the venue played all her favorite music but she found the leather show was a bit ‘different’.

Henry then goes on to explain why neither of the straight people in the car should be going to gay bars ‘to stroke their own egos and gawk at us.’

‘Gay men and women go to feel safe, welcomed and flawless’

Both complain at this, saying gay bars are public places and that Henry shouldn’t be telling them where they can and can’t go. This leaves him to explain the importance of gay bars as safe spaces.

‘It’s a place where gay men and women go to feel safe, welcomed and flawless because they don’t feel that same way outside of the gay bars and clubs in the same way you both do.’

He ends by warning them to go to gay bars if they’re supportive of gay people but to treat them with appropriate respect and understanding

Watch the video below.

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