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Michelle Visage got a birthday card from her idol Madonna and we’re so jealous

Michelle Visage got a birthday card from her idol Madonna and we’re so jealous

Michelle Visage dressed as Madonna for the Drag Race runway | World of Wonder

Happy birthday Michelle Visage!

Somehow, we bet our well wishes will probably not mean as much as one birthday message she got for her 50th birthday.

Her idol Madonna sent her a signed copy of an album with a dedicated message.

‘Happy 50th Michelle. From one queen to another, M x.’

We’d be screaming!

Writing on Instagram, Michelle said: ‘Guys. My birthday gift from my dear friend (basically, my brother) @jaimelaurita arrived in London today and I can’t breathe.

‘He knows what A. This particular album means to me but also B. What this particular woman means to me.

‘THANK YOU SO MUCH @jaimelaurita and MY ULTIMATE QUEEN @madonna.

‘Now M, is it too cheeky to invite you for a cuppa? I LOVE YOU JAIME 💘💓💕💞💜’

Michelle Visage: ‘Madonna is my queen’ 

Michelle has long idolized Madonna.

When she was 16, she won a Madonna look-a-like contest in New Jersey with a lip-sync to Lucky Star.

‘I wore the whole “Lucky Star” garb: skirt with the lace tights, the boy-toy belt, the hair, all of it,’ the Drag Race judge said.

‘A hundred, possibly thousands of girls showed up in this local competition. You won 500 bucks and bragging rights; the bragging rights were more important to me.’

Inspired by that, Michelle went on to compete in the ballroom in New York City. It is there where she met RuPaul.

But despite her own success in music and television, she still loves her icon.

‘There is no other’ 

‘There is no other,’ she said on Hey Qween. ‘It makes me sad the children don’t know what she is. There is no other.

‘To me we will never see a superstar ever in our lifetime like Madonna or Michael Jackson. There’s been fringe ones like Whitney Houston, Mariah…’

She added: There will never be. This is Madonna. The gays have turned their back on her. These young gays don’t know what she did for the community.’

So we bet that message will mean a lot to Michelle.

‘She’ll always be my queen,’ she said.

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