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Michelle Visage: ‘I completely stand by Drag Race elimination’

Michelle Visage: ‘I completely stand by Drag Race elimination’

RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle Visage has defended the decision to send the queen home in the fourth episode of season seven.

The internet has been up in arms ever since Trixie Mattel was sent home following a lip sync with other fan favorite Pearl.

Petitions have been started and several past contestants of the show have criticized the decision to send the comedy Barbie doll queen home.

‘Listen, I was there, I saw what I saw. I stand by it,’ Visage said in an exclusive interview with Gay Star News.

‘Again, there is editing involved and it is what it is. I think World of Wonder and Logo do a great, great job of producing this television show.

‘I stand behind what happened. They weren’t there to see the full lip sync and the right person went home.

‘I love Trixie, don’t get me wrong. But listen honey, someone has to go home don’t they?’

Drag Race has seen its fan base grow ever larger, with a 20% increase since last season. But with it, some contestants have been facing harsh criticism online.

Jasmine Masters, who sashayed away in the third episode, received death threats and was called the ‘n’ word. It was enough for RuPaul herself to defend her.

Visage called the comments sent to Masters ‘disgusting and really unnecessary’. She said anyone who sent anything like that was so ‘hate-filled’ that you couldn’t possibly call yourself a real fan.

‘Our fans are so rabid and crazy and committed and loyal, they really go mad over it. Sometimes to a fault, because they can be venemous about it,’ she said.

‘I don’t think that’s the right approach. But on the flip side of that I love their passion, it makes me really happy.’

She added: ‘I saw some hate sent to Perez [when I was on Celebrity Big Brother UK]. Remember this is a TV show. I know it’s a reality TV show, but this is not reality.

‘These people still go home, see their families and have parents that love them.

‘It’s hate within our community that we have to combat. We’re supposed to be supporting each other.’

Visage is hosting the Battle of the Seasons tour, including places like Reykjavik, Iceland, Paris, France and Barcelona, Spain for the first time. Find out more on their website and Twitter.