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This might be the most ridiculous 'Well, actually...' transphobic post ever written on Twitter

This respondent to Chelsea Manning's release is trying his hardest to be transphobic

This might be the most ridiculous 'Well, actually...' transphobic post ever written on Twitter
You have got to be kidding

Trans whistleblower Chelsea Manning is no stranger to dividing opinion, with many voicing theirs as she was released yesterday.

While you might know very little about the Wikileaks case, many have heard she is transgender and for some that’s all they need to know.

So for some transphobes, many can’t resist making their opinion heard.

On Twitter yesterday, a collection of the best tweets and news stories were collected about Manning’s release.

Headlining the case, the social media giant wrote: ‘Chelsea Manning has been released from a Kansas military prison.’

But for one Twitter user, he had to correct the tweet by any means necessary.

‘*His,’ he said, not spotting there was no pronoun anywhere in the tweet. Unless it turns out ‘has’ is suddenly the feminine pronoun for ‘his’.

‘No pronoun in the tweet but transphobic people are trying their hardest,’ one user said.

And others reacted with similar confusion.

The whistleblower was sentenced to 35 years in prison by court-martial in 2013.

As one of his last acts in office, President Obama commuted Manning’s sentence to seven years total confinement in January 2017.

This includes the three years Manning served before she stood trial.

Manning publicly came out as a trans woman on 22 August 2013, the day after she was sentenced, in a press released issued by her attorney.

‘As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me,’ she said.

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