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Mighty Hoopla 2019 line-up unveiled with as much pop as you gays can handle

Mighty Hoopla 2019 line-up unveiled with as much pop as you gays can handle

Mighty Hoopla Festival line up

Mighty Hoopla is a brightly-colored, pop-tastic fever dream in a London park that’s dominated by LGBTI people. And it’s absolutely spectacular.

The massive pop festival is back in 2019 for its third year and the line-up features some classic acts. Basically, if you’re a British gay, you probably sang these songs in your bedroom in the simpler times before Grindr or Tinder haunted your life. If you’re from anywhere else, just trust that there’s more than a few bops between these artists.

Held in Brockwell Park, Brixton on 8 June 2019, hundreds of people will descend on the green this summer covered in all the glitter, feathers and vests you can imagine. It’s not just pop artists on the billing though, as some of London’s finest LGBTI (and LGBTI-friendly) club nights are hosting their very own parties.

Sink the Pink are obviously back and they’ll be bringing their retinue of drag queens, DJs and party games. Another big highlight is Massaoke. A band on stage plays the music and the rest of the crowd screams at the top of their lungs. It’s euphoric and beautiful, and somehow you still feel like the star even if you’re sharing the limelight.

Anyway, onto Mighty Hoopla’s 2019 line-up:

All Saints

They’re a mellow girl band best known for singing the song to that Leonardo DiCaprio movie no one remembers. A hugging-your-best-friend-and-telling-them-you-love-them act.


While Gilette may have burnt their iconic song into the brain, Bananarama have way more bops in their arsenal. They might be your mom’s favorite, but they’re amazing.


Everyone Earth can remember Jamelia’s Superstar. Just imagine the carnage when every gay in the crowd hears the song.

Liberty X 

Liberty X are best known as being a more-grown-up-sort-of copy of S Club 7 (who were a mixed gender Spice Girls with the training wheels on). However, Liberty X are older, they’ve ditched the boys, and they’re just as sexyyyyyyyy.

Samantha Mumba

You know Samantha Mumba, right? She’s that artist you heard on the car radio those times. Anyway, she’s got a stage now and if you missed Britney at Brighton Pride last year, this might help.

Tove Lo

If you’ve listened to Radio 1, you’ve heard Tove Lo, or one of the fifteen million remixes of her songs. The kids love her and she has hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.

Ultra Nate

Making the above song makes Ultra Nate legendary anyway. The rest of the house maestro’s discography will guarantee you dance the festival away. Let’s hope she’s on later in the festival.

The club nights: 

Sink the Pink

Guilty Pleasures 

The Grand


The Cocoa Butter Club

Klub Kids

U Ok Hun?


The Chateau 


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