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Miguel Pinzon dishes with Gay Star News about co-starring on TV with Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth

Miguel Pinzon dishes with Gay Star News about co-starring on TV with Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth

Miguel Pinzon has filmed seven episodes of the new ABC Family comedy series Mystery Girls and still can’t believe he’s working alongside Beverly Hills 90210 icons Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling.

He describes the show as ‘Scooby Doo meets AbFab.’

Garth and Spelling, of course, starred on the original 90210 from 1990-2000 and have reunited on a new show which premiered last week and airs its second episode tonight (2 July).

‘I did watch 90210, I had two older sisters,’ the actor tells Gay Star News. ‘I just remember what a phenomenon it was and how my sisters were so wrapped into it and how I became wrapped into it as well. I remember Donna Martin at prom.’

‘Both of them have been so fantastic, it’s an absolute dream.’

On Mystery Girls, Pinzon’s character of Nick Diaz ends up working with the women after he witnesses a murder and he refuses to give a statement to anyone except his favorite detectives Holly Hamilton and Charlie Contour.

But they don’t work at LAPD. Hamilton and Contour are characters played by actresses in a 90s TV series called Mystery Girls.

Somehow, this super fan manages to persuade the two to form a real-life detective agency and hire him as their assistant.

‘They come back together and realize they are really good at this,’ Pinzon explains. ‘They have this great rapport and the ability to do this. Tori’s character is clinging to fame and Jennie’s is going to the suburbs to have babies. My character is the ultra-Mystery Girls fan and he discovered them on DVD and he fell in love with that world.’

‘I weasel my way in there as their Girl Friday assistant,’ he adds. ‘I’m the happiest third wheel. Nick is a fan, new to LA and all of a sudden his dreams are coming true and he is working with these people he has idolized.’

‘We get to go undercover, break into a movie set, go to a leather bar. The premise of the show allows for so much space.’

Pinzon is gay and so is his character. He is reminded by GSN that the last gay actor to play a gay sidekick to Spelling was Zachary Quinto on the series So NoTORIous.

‘I would not mind that road he’s laid out. It ain’t a bad one,’ he says. ‘Tori is fantastic. She picks her sidekick gay best friends quite well. I’m really excited to have the show do well and to have people have some silly, campy fun.’

‘I am openly gay and Nick is openly gay but it’s not a coming out story,’ he adds. ‘He’s just Nick and his sexuality happens to not be his main descriptor. It’s a non-issue. It’s nice to be able to tell queer stories that are not just a queer story.’

Of Spelling, whose real-life marital woes with husband Dean McDermott painfully played out in a recent reality series, Pinzon says shew doesn’t bring her problems to the set.

‘She’s a hard worker who shows up every day with smile on her face and ready to play.’