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Mike Huckabee insists he has gay friends

Mike Huckabee insists he has gay friends

Mike Huckabee wants everyone to know he has friends from diverse backgrounds.

The potential 2016 White House candidate was a guest on CNN this morning (1 February).

In the interview, the Republican proudly listed how tolerant he is when it comes to friendship.

‘People can be my friends who have lifestyles that are not necessarily my lifestyle,’ Huckabee maintained.

‘I don’t shut people out of my circle or out of my life because they have a different point of view,’ he continued.

Then he listed all the ways associates are not like him.

‘I don’t drink alcohol, but gosh — a lot of my friends, maybe most of them, do. You know, I don’t use profanity, but believe me, I’ve got a lot of friends who do. Some people really like classical music and ballet and opera — it’s not my cup of tea,’ the Republican said.

The self-congratulatory tone continued when Huckabee noted he’s more tolerant than same-sex marriage advocates, especially when it comes to businesses refusing service to LGBTI customers based on religious reasons.

‘It’s like asking someone who’s Jewish to start serving bacon-wrapped shrimp in their deli,’ he argued.

‘We don’t want to do that — I mean, we’re not going to do that. Or like asking a Muslim to serve up something that is offensive to him, or to have dogs in his backyard,’ he continued

‘We’re so sensitive to make sure we don’t offend certain religions, but then we act like Christians can’t have the convictions that they’ve had for 2,000 years.’

At the start of this year, Arkansas’ former governor left Fox News to consider a 2016 run for the White House.

In 2008, he ran in the Republican primary, winning the Iowa caucuses. He eventually dropped out, losing to Senator John McCain.

In a 2014 November speech, Huckabee claimed marriage equality is a threat to ‘the foundation of our society and culture.’

 ‘ … When we tinker with its definition and we decide that it can mean anything we wish for it to mean and that rather than to take a biblical perspective we will take a very human one and we will base marriage on human experience and desire as opposed to biblical standard.

‘I fear that we will pay the consequences for having upended the very foundation which is the essence of how a civilization survives. So the soul of America is in real trouble.’