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‘Mike Pence’ raises money for gay charity Trevor Project in tight blue short shorts

‘Mike Pence’ raises money for gay charity Trevor Project in tight blue short shorts

Mike Hot-Pence is raising money for liberal causes

What do you do when you’re gay and you find you have a striking resemblance to Mike Pence?

Well if you are Glen Pannell – a guy who bears a likeness to the next vice president-elect  you start raising money for causes affecting LGBTI people, women and the environment.

Wearing a suit on top and tight blue short shorts, the lookalike is Mike Hot-Pence is asking for donations in New York City for organizations such as Planned Parenthood, National Resources Defense Council and The Trevor Project.

Pannell first came up with the idea after last Halloween.

‘A friend suggested I dress as Mike Pence for Halloween, but a straightforward Pence costume seemed a little lazy,’ he said. ‘I was also concerned that people might take it as an endorsement of the Trump-Pence ticket.’

So instead of regular suit pants, the blue short shorts were there instead.

‘He was on my radar before the election not because he looked like me but because of his record,’ Pannell said. ‘I have family in Indiana and knew about the “religious freedom” bill. As a gay man I stood up and took notice.’

But what would he say to Pence if ever met him in the streets?

‘I’d tell him, “If you could walk a mile in my short shorts, you would meet so many people who are afraid and unsure about the next four years,”‘ he said.

‘You say you love this country, you say you have great faith in the American people. If that’s true, I’d say put your policy where your mouth is.’

Main photo image by Howard Sherman.