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Miley Cyrus opens up about her Black Mirror episode

Miley Cyrus opens up about her Black Mirror episode

Miley Cyrus in the Mother's Daughter music video

Singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus has opened up about the Black Mirror episode she starred in.

Black Mirror

Netflix’s Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology series not too dissimilar from The Twilight Zone. Season Five of the show premiered last month. Miley Cyrus starred as fictional pop star Ashley O in an episode titled ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.’

Apparently, this episode hit a bit too close to home for Cyrus, who grew up in the public eye.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, Cyrus discussed the episode, which was reminiscent of her time as Disney’s Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana was a show about a young girl who leads a double life as a pop star.

‘The character is me,’ Cyrus said of Ashley O. ‘They twisted it up the way they always do, but the industry is already pretty dark. And at times, I’ve definitely felt like Ashley O. I still do. Making this record, I felt like Ashley O at times.’

Black Mirror creator and co-showrunner Charlie Brooker was the one who gave Cyrus the episode’s script.

‘They gave me the script and were like, “Let us know if you’re interested,”’ Cyrus recalled. ‘And I read it and was like, “It’s not even if I’m interested or not. It’s just that no one else can play this because this is my life. Like, you just took my life.”’

Hannah Montana

Cyrus discussed how when she was 18, she started to feel silly playing Hannah Montana. ‘The minute I had sex, I was kind of like, I can’t put the fucking wig on again,’ she told Elle. ‘It got weird.’

‘One time I went backstage at Disneyland, and Peter Pan was smoking a cigarette. And I was like, “That’s me. That’s the kind of dreams I’m crushing.” That’s how everyone felt with the bong video, but I’m not a Disney mascot. I’m a person,’ she continued.

But now, Cyrus is no longer ashamed of her past as Hannah Montana.

‘It’s pretty cool when you hear Cardi B was listening to Hannah Montana when she was in high school. That shit makes me happy.’

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