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Minister: ‘Australia cannot allow gay marriage as it will damage cattle exports’

Minister: ‘Australia cannot allow gay marriage as it will damage cattle exports’

Barnaby Joyce has said same-sex marriage could affect cattle exports

Australia cannot allow same-sex couples to marry or it will damage cattle exports, according to a minister.

Agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce has warned many of the country’s cattle currently goes to south east Asia, and fears being ‘judged’.

‘Where we live economically is south east Asia, that’s where our cattle go,’ Joyce told the ABC network.

‘When we go there, there are judgments whether you like it or not that are made about us. They see us as decadent.’

Barrie Cassidy, the host of the Insiders program on which Joyce was appearing, replied: ‘Would they see us embracing gay marriage as decadence?’

‘I think that in some instances they would, yeah,’ Joyce responded.

If you think you recognize Joyce’s name, you might remember him from when he threatened to euthanize Johnny Depp’s dogs.

Australia has repeatedly knocked back attempts to legalize same-sex marriage, despite there being huge public support.

And if it does, there is absolutely no evidence that it would affect cattle exports.

A spokesperson for the Herefordshire Cattle Society has said that he has seen ‘no drop whatsoever’ in exports after England and Wales’ same-sex marriage came into effect last year.

‘I cannot for the life of me see what the connection is between same-sex marriage and cattle exports,’ they told Gay Star News.

‘It has certainly not had an effect on us, and I’m absolutely 100% sure no one – whether they are a buyer or a breeder – cares.’