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Minnesota boy crowned high school’s first transgender Homecoming King

Minnesota boy crowned high school’s first transgender Homecoming King

Transgender teen Charlie Baca got the surprise of his life on Friday when it was announced that he would be Irondale High School’s 2015 Homecoming King.

Baca told Minnesota’s Twin Cities Pioneer Press he didn’t realize straight away that his name had been called, having only come out to his parents in August this year.

‘It’s still new [for me] being called Charlie, so when I heard it at first I was like ‘OK.’ And then I was like ‘Oh wait, that’s me! Oh my gosh, I won,'” he said.

‘My heart was beating out of my chest, and I’m sure my face went bright red, and my friends in the stands were all hooting and hollering.’

‘It was just really euphoric because I’ve been trying so hard to make a difference this year as my senior year, and being crowned king is a really big step that I didn’t think I’d accomplish.’

Baca says he intends to use the platform of being Homecoming King to start a club for LGBTI students at Irondale High as the school has not had a gay/straight alliance type group for many years.

‘In all my four years there hasn’t been a club, and me being a part of the community, I really wanted to change that,’ he said.

He hopes the club can act as a support group for LGBTI students who are being bullied.

‘I just want to let as many people as possible know that it’s OK, and that there are people you don’t even know about that are supporting you,’ he said.

Baca is likely the first transgender boy to be named Homecoming King in the state of Minnesota – though he is not the first in the United States.

Texas teen Mel Gonzales was named his school’s Homecoming King in September of last year, as was North Carolina student Blake Brockington in February 2014 – though he tragically took his own life in March of this year.