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Miss Peru sorry for saying ‘absent dads’ make you gay

Miss Peru sorry for saying ‘absent dads’ make you gay

Miss Peru Universe 2012 has made a public apology to the Peruvian gay rights movement for a series of anti-gay jibes.

Beauty queen Cindy Mejia, Miss Peru 2012, recently stated that god wouldn’t allow her to have a gay son.

She also stated that boys only turn gay because of their father being absent, or because they have been raped or are too close to their mother and sisters.

Her comments caused an uproar in the Peruvian media especially as Mejia initially said her statements were taken out of context and distorted, which turned out to be false when the whole recording of the interview was published online.

Twitter users throughout Peru have decided to crown Mejia with the title Miss Homophobia using the Twitter hashtag #Misshomofobia (Spanish).

A public debate is ensuing whether the beauty queen should lose her crown for her homophobic statements.

Yesterday Mejia personally delivered a public letter of apology to the Peruvian LGBT rights group – Movimiento Homosexual de Lima (MHOL).

In her letter Mejia said she did not realize the negative consequences of her answer: ‘I must say that it has not been my intention that my statements affect or offend the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, as well as their families and friends, since they deserve the greatest respect and have also my personal appreciation at all times. 

‘I want to express my public apologies for my statements.’

In addition Mejia acknowledged that her opinion was ‘unwise and unfortunate’ due to her lack of knowledge on the subject.

‘I deeply regret that these statements contribute to encourage discrimination and violence towards LGBT people. This is why I commit to combat homophobia and sexism in my role as Miss Peru.’

She also delcared that her visit to the LGBT organization was for her to learn more about gay issues and get involved in the group’s future events.

The Peruvian media has remained largely unimpressed with her apology.

Presenters of the popular program Buenos Dias Peru (Good Morning Peru) said although ‘beauty is important’ certain ‘standards of education’ should also be expected from someone holding the title Miss Peru.

Presenters further dismissed her apology as a transparent attempt to save her crown.

Magaly Medina, celebrity gossip show host said the apology was ‘too little too late’ and she should have apologized immediately instead of denying what she said.

Read her formal apology letter (in Spanish) here.