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Miss Universe apologizes for saying she wants to have a gay baby

Miss Universe apologizes for saying she wants to have a gay baby

Pia Wurtzbach posing on armchair

The winner of Miss Universe 2015 has backtracked on comment she made where she said she hoped her future child would turn out gay.

The Phillipines beauty queen, Pia Wurtzbach, caused a massive reaction when she made the comments on popular TV late night talk show, Tonight With Boy Abunda.

Wurtzbach said she wanted to have a gay child who would be excited to dressed her up.

‘I want to experience having someone dress me up, do my makeup, take care of me. They can be like my best friend,’ she said on the talk show.

She did follow up those comments by saying she didn’t mean to suggest straight children couldn’t also look after their parents.

But the backlash to her comments came swiftly, with many criticizing Wurtzbach for reinforcing stereotypes about the LGBTI community.

‘Pia Wurtzbach’s statement regarding having a gay child reveals the truth about how she sees us, gay people… Damn, what a way to reinforce archaic stereotypes about gay people,’ one Twitter user wrote.

Beauty queen’s apology

Wurtzbach took to Twitter on Wednesday (27 December) to apologize for her comments. She promised she did not mean to offend the Philippines’ LGBTI communities.

‘It was just misinterpreted. [I] meant no malice at all. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding,’ she wrote on Twitter.

‘Lesson learned: always always be cautious with what you say.’

HIV and LGBTI advocate

The Miss Universe winner has been an outspoken supporter of the LGBTI community.

In January she wrote an opinion piece called ‘Why I Stand Up for LGBTQ Rights in the Philippines’ for Time Magazine’s Motto website.

‘I myself owe a lot to the LGBTQ community, many of whom are my closest friends. Without their accepting attitudes toward my own flaws and struggles, I would not be where I am today,’ Wurtzbach wrote.

‘But while we are beginning to see the seeds of change in the Catholic church, the LGBTQ community in the Philippines doesn’t yet enjoy equal rights.’

Wurtzbach is also a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador and in August lead an awareness campaign to help reduce new HIV transmissions in young people in the Asia Pacific region.

‘With the PIA Project [Progressive Information Awareness] we hope to see an increase in HIV awareness, spread love for people living with HIV, and make HIV testing among Filipinos a normal part of their health and wellness routine,’ she said at the time.