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Missing transgender man found dead in Michigan

Missing transgender man found dead in Michigan

A transgender man was discovered dead in his vehicle in Warren, Michigan on Tuesday, according to police.

Jay Ralko, 22, was found in the parking lot of a Meijer supermarket in Warren. Police suspect he took his own life.

Ralko had a long history of battling bipolar disorder and depression. He went missing for nearly two weeks after leaving a cryptic note for his roommate to take care of his dog, Xena.

Ralko’s sister Molly posted on Facebook that she was proud to be his sister and that he had been tough.

‘Not many people would be able to get through what he has,’ she wrote. ‘He has struggled with so much in the last few years.’

‘My only wish now is that all the pain has gone away and he has found peace.’

Ralko was a wonderful member and helped others in the trans community, said Rachel Crandal, executive director of Transgender Michigan.

‘He helped so many people come out and will be missed by many,’ she said in a Facebook message.