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Mission America’s Linda Harvey: Gays are not people

Mission America’s Linda Harvey: Gays are not people

Linda Harvey, the founder Mission America, a right wing Christian organization, said gays and lesbians are not people and therefore should not be treated as US citizens nor be entitled for equal protection.

Harvey who is also a frequent contributor to the conservative website, said that Fourteenth Amendment of the US constitution, that defines citizenship and protects a person’s civil and political rights, only applies to ‘real’ people, not to ‘unnatural’ ‘homosexual behaviour, which is changeable.’

She also explained that she believes the US Supreme Court should uphold a ban against gay marriage for these ‘reasons’.

‘Why should the equal protection argument be made in favor of homosexual behavior, which is changeable?’ She asked rhetorically on her Radio show, on Wednesday (12 December) .

‘People are not naturally homosexual, so the definition of ‘person’ in the Fourteenth Amendment is being twisted to make this assumption’.

‘”Person” should be understood based on historic, beneficial, or at least neutral and fact-based traits. It should not be twisted to incorporate behavior that most religions and most cultures have said a firm “no” to’.

‘It’s also behavior for which there’s no recognized science demonstrating a genetic or hormonal origin. And it’s also not beneficial and does not stand the definition of marriage, used for millenia – that is, the act of consummation. It’s another sad fact of homosexual behavior that two men or two women can never consummate a marriage; they can never conceive children together’.

‘This should still have some standing and it remains a fact that there are only two types of humans in the world: male and female. Any other distinctions made are appearance, custom, and construction. So marriage is the lawful, orderly confirmation of what we already see in nature’.

‘The Supreme Court says they will give their decision in June. Pray, friends, for truth to prevail’.

Harvey has a long history of voicing anti-gay views.

After author JK Rowling of the Harry Potter series revealed that she always thought of the character Albus Dumbledore as being homosexual, Harvey ranted: ‘Will we allow our kids to believe it would be perfectly appropriate for the headmaster of any school to be homosexual?’

In 2011, Harvey had said that gay rights advocates were ‘masters of demonic manipulation’.

She has also referred to the It Gets Better video project as ‘wrong, it’s evil, it’s dark’.

In August 2011, Harvey stated on her weekend radio show that ‘There is no proof that there’s ever anything like a gay, lesbian or bisexual or transgendered child, or teen or human.’

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a US civil rights organization has designated Harvey and Mission America as an active anti-gay hate group in March 2012.