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Missouri teen becomes her high school’s first transgender Homecoming Queen

Missouri teen becomes her high school’s first transgender Homecoming Queen

Landon Patterson has been voted her school’s 2015 Homecoming Queen, becoming the first transgender person to be selected for that role at her school – and quite possibly the whole state of Missouri.

(Note to readers: Landon is Patterson’s birth name but she remains comfortable using that name for at least the present time.)

Patterson attends Oak Park High School in Northland, Kansas City and she was selected to be one of six girls to compete for the title in August.

Patterson was nominated by a group of students at the school after she came out as transgender in May having previously presented to her peers as a gay male.

Patterson was named as the winner on Saturday during halftime in a football match against a team from William Chrisman High School after which she rode as queen alongside her mother in the school’s Homecoming Parade.

‘I’ve dreamed about it since my freshman year, but I never knew it was possible for me,’ Patterson told KCTV5 about being chosen as Homecoming Queen.

(Note to readers: the term ‘freshman year’ is used by both boys and girls in the US to refer to their first year at a school.)

‘Just knowing that I did this, and that I just broke some barriers, I can’t even put it into words what I’m feeling right now. I’m just excited and hope this is going to help others out there.’

Patterson’s mother Debbie Hall told KCTV5 that she’d never seen any option but to love and support her daughter.

‘That’s my child,’ Hall said of Patterson, ‘You have to back your children.’

‘[To] the haters out there, I just want to say, what would you say if it was your child?’

You can watch KCTV5’s coverage of the story below