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Woman with short hair mistaken as transgender, got harassed in bathroom

Woman with short hair mistaken as transgender, got harassed in bathroom

walmart transgender bathroom

A woman was reportedly harassed in a public bathroom after a stranger thought that she’s transgender.

Aimee Toms, 22, says that she was accosted by another woman while she was washing her hands in a Walmart bathroom in Danbury, Connecticut.

News Times reports that Toms works at a retail store in the Bethel-Danbury retail area around Walmart

On 13 May, she was in the women’s bathroom at Walmart when a stranger decided to confront her.

‘She said, “You are not supposed to be here, you need to leave,”’ Toms described of her encounter with the woman in the Facebook video she posted.

Toms shared that she was sporting a pixie cut as she had recently donated her hair to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients. That day she had also worn a baseball hat.

‘So I said, “Yes I do.” And then she flipped me off, and she’s like “You’re disgusting!”‘

Toms said that the woman then stormed out of the bathroom before any classification could be made.

‘After experiencing the discrimination they face firsthand, I cannot fathom the discrimination transgender people must face in a lifetime,’ Toms added. ‘Can you imagine going out every day and having people tell you you should not be who you are or that people will not accept you as who you are?’

Toms’ video has since gone viral, with over 160k views thus far.

People on social media are commending Toms for sharing her experience and for standing up against transphobia and anti-trans sentiments.

Watch Toms explain the incident and her stance on transgender rights here:

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