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MNEK and Olly Alexander drop ‘unashamedly gay’ pop bop Valentino

MNEK and Olly Alexander drop ‘unashamedly gay’ pop bop Valentino

MNEK in white bathrobe and Olly Alexander in a bath drinking champagne in Valentino

Valentine’s Day is officially cancelled.

MNEK and Years & Years dropped new single Valentino today (14 February).

The duo teamed up for the ultimate queer pop collaboration we’ve all been waiting for.

Fresh off releasing his new music video, Girlfriend, MNEK combined his pop energy with Olly Alexander.

Their fabulous flamenco-inspired duet is about feeling stuck under someone’s love spell.

But you get over it thanks to your friends.

Getting over the ex the only way we know

The Jordan Rossi-directed video is rammed with rose petals, teddy bears and bath bubbles.

And, of course, Olly Alexander’s tears.

It sees MNEK help a heart-broken Olly get over an ex in the best way possible.

Drinking copious champagne in a bath, drinking (but definitely spilling) tea and writing with lipstick on the mirror.

This is after Olly sees a Sex and the City-inspired ‘Don’t hate me, I can’t’ break-up Post-It note from his ex, Valentino.

Rossi previously worked on MNEK’s Girlfriend video too.

‘Unashamedly gay’

‘I am so proud of this song for how unashamedly gay it is,’ Olly told i-D.

Olly added: ‘Two men singing about a boy is still disappointingly uncommon so it makes me very happy to be putting this song out.’

MNEK, or Uzo Emenike, said: ‘Olly texted me a few days ago saying that we need to put Valentino out on Valentine’s Day.

‘So of course I said, let’s go!’

The single drop followed a flirty Instagram picture of MNEK sharing a bath with Alexander.

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