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MNEK blasts Azealia Banks: ‘She actively hates gay people’

MNEK blasts Azealia Banks: ‘She actively hates gay people’

MNEK and Azealia Banks

MNEK has become the latest celebrity name to become embroiled in Azealia Bank’s current social media controversy.

On Twitter this morning, responding to a fan’s suggestion that he collaborate with the 212 singer, MNEK tweeted: ‘she actively hates gay ppl but exploits our culture. i’ll pass.’

MNEK's tweet
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Drag Race and RuPaul criticism

Over the weekend, Banks announced via Twitter that she was exploring legal action against RuPaul. She said a track on his American album, Call Me Mother, was very similar to her track, The Big Big Beat from her 2016 mix-tape Slay-Z.

Banks said her concerns over the track had prompted Spotify to remove the whole album from its streaming services.

She followed this up on Sunday night with a rant against Drag Race and the way drag culture appears to be worshipped by many gay men.

‘RuPaul and drag race are super duper unfashionable. It’s not what the cool kids are into. I would prefer to disassociate.

‘The cool gays don’t collab with ppl like RuPaul LMFAO. RuPaul’s brand of whitewashed drag queen pageantry is late. He’s for middle America. I’m for the fashion houses. He can’t sit with me.’

‘Y’all keep trying to make drag culture important in my world and I keep telling you to keep it. honestly. I really don’t care to see men in wigs and dresses. Rather watch muscle masc gays dance to 212 or admire some beautiful trans girl’s beauty. Not here 4 the razor bumpsnpumps.’

Banks identifies as queer and bisexual. She has previously found herself involved in social media spats with LGBTI figures, blasting Perez Hilton a ‘faggot’.

Monét X Change

Her weekend criticism of RuPaul has prompted many of the drag legend’s fans to jump to his defence. This includes one former Drag Race contestant.

Last night, Monét X Change tweeted that she would no longer be performing Azealia tracks during his performances, labelling her ‘rotted TRASH’.

Banks shot back: ‘Bitch your crotch is rotting and fermenting under that sour mildew ass girdle sus 😂🤣🤣🤣 I do not give a goddamn.’

Spotify stream American album again

Gay singer and songwriter MNEK, who has a new single out this week featuring Hailee Steinfeld, offered no further explanation for his tweet today, leaving some fans questioning why he was accusing a queer woman of ‘exploiting gay culture.’

So far, RuPaul has also not made an official comment about the criticism. However, his American album, including the track Call Me Mother, reappeared on Spotify earlier today. This led to a tweet from RuPaul with a link to the album.

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