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How NOT to hook up with a gay pop star

How NOT to hook up with a gay pop star


There are some downsides to fame. Do people want to be your friend or sleep with you because they genuinely like you? Or are they just attracted by your fame? British gay singer and songwriter MNEK found that out again this week when he tried to arrange a hook-up.

He revealed what happened to his 85,000 followers on Instagram

After chatting with a guy, MNEK noticed the man post a tweet. It said: ‘A famous singer wants to hook up with me but isn’t cute. Do I do it just to say I did?’

MNEK Instagram story
(Photo: @mnek | Instagram)


MNEK screenshot the tweet and posted it to his Instagram stories, followed by the caption: ‘Take ten guesses who the lucky famous singer was?????’

We’ve hidden the Twitter user’s name as we do not know how out he is.

(Photo: @mnek | Instagram)

MNEK later went on to post more of an explanation on why he’d posted it. MNEK said: ‘You could argue that I should be more careful with who I hook up with because I’m somewhat of a public figure.

‘But as a single young man, I gotta get my fix somehow. Can’t fuck in fear lol pls.’

‘Some men are trash and that’s OK.’

‘I will continue to document my ups and downs as a young “famous” gay still figuring out boys and relationships.’

‘And even if they don’t end up as the man of my dreams they end up being great social media content.’

Gay Star News reached out to the Twitter user in question but have not had a response. He has now changed his Twitter name.

Later, he posted a tweet simply saying he was a, ‘good person’ who ‘sometimes does stupid stuff.’ Suggesting he’d also had some comeback from MNEK fans, he also asked people to ‘Please take your hate elsewhere.’

Dating problems

MNEK scored a big hit in 2015 with Zara Larson and the track Never Forget About You. He has since worked with Beyonce, Madonna, Stormzy, Little Mix, Christina Aguilera and many others. He released his debut solo artist, Language, in August and has recently finished his first UK tour.

MNEK has previously spoken out about the problems of dating. On the David’s Out For A Good Time podcast on Spotify in late October, he talked about hearing his music being put on in a bar or restaurant when he’s out on a date.

‘Sometimes when I go on dates or go out to a restaurant, the restaurant will think it’s a really dope idea to play my music. I fucking hate it.

‘The truth is, I try to date, but it’s hard because like I said before, I can’t be inconspicuous or be hidden, and whenever I meet a guy, I often try to downplay what I do. I’m not always, like, “Oh, I’m MNEK! I do this and I do that.” I say “I work in music. My name’s Uzo. What’s up?’ And then five minutes later you’ll hear Ready For Your Love in the speakers, or The Rhythm or something, and I’ll be just like … I can’t hide my face.

He said downplaying his job usually doesn’t work.

‘It’s me trying to force this normalcy. It can be hard for people. I can be like an “it” to people as opposed to a “him”.’

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