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MNEK’s new music video explores secretly dating a guy who has a girlfriend

MNEK’s new music video explores secretly dating a guy who has a girlfriend

Stills from MNEK's new music video Girlfriend

Pop singer MNEK’s new music video explores the idea of secretly sleeping with a guy, who has a girlfriend.

The song Girlfriend, from the London-based singer’s album Language, is all about keeping a secret from the guy you’re sleeping with’s girlfriend.

MNEK dropped the music video on Wednesday (6 February) and announced Jordan Rossi directed it.

‘If your girlfriend knew about me and you,’ MNEK sings. ‘About what we do – tell me: What would she do?’

He also sings he wishes his lover was ‘out’ and ‘Neither you or your story’s straight’.

Watch the full video:

Last year, MNEK caught a potential date dissing him on Twitter.

After chatting with a guy, MNEK noticed the man post a tweet. It said: ‘A famous singer wants to hook up with me but isn’t cute. Do I do it just to say I did?’

MNEK took a screenshot of the tweet and posted it to his Instagram story, followed by the caption: ‘Take ten guesses who the lucky famous singer was?????’

He then said: ‘You could argue that I should be more careful with who I hook up with because I’m somewhat of a public figure.

‘But as a single young man, I gotta get my fix somehow. Can’t fuck in fear lol pls. Some men are trash and that’s OK.

‘I will continue to document my ups and downs as a young “famous” gay still figuring out boys and relationships.

‘And even if they don’t end up as the man of my dreams they end up being great social media content,’ he said.

The unidentified man posted a tweet simply saying he was a, ‘good person’ who ‘sometimes does stupid stuff.’

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