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Modern Family actor casually comes out as gay, addresses body dysmorphia

Modern Family actor casually comes out as gay, addresses body dysmorphia

Reid Ewing has casually come out as gay

Modern Family star Reid Ewing, who plays Haley’s boyfriend hot but dim boyfriend Dylan on Modern Family, has come out as gay.



The actor did so in the most casual way possible, on Twitter, in an effort to focus on the most important issue of body dymorphia and cosmetic surgery addiction.

Writing in an essay on Huffington Post on Friday, Ewing said: ‘I genuinely believed if I had one procedure I would suddenly look like Brad Pitt.’

He added: ‘I told the doctor why I felt my face needed cosmetic surgery and told him I was an actor. He agreed that for my career it would be necessary to get cosmetic surgery.

‘He quickly determined that large cheek implants would address the issues I had with my face, and a few weeks later I was on the operating table.

‘He spoke with me before I went under, but he wasn’t the same empathetic person I met with during the consultation. He was curt and uninterested in my worries, making small talk with his staff as I lost consciousness.’

Ewing got several procedures over the next few years, from implants to injections, not realizing it was what was inside he needed to address – not the outside.

‘None of the doctors suggested I consult a psychologist for what was clearly a psychological issue… or warn me about the potential for addiction.’

But he did, worked to get healthy, and came out as gay. Well, as much as for someone who is ‘never in’.