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Modern Family's gay couple Cam and Mitch get engaged on season premiere

Show is fresh off winning fourth consecutive Emmy for outstanding comedy

Modern Family's gay couple Cam and Mitch get engaged on season premiere

Cam and Mitch are getting married.

On the fifth season premiere of ABC’s Modern Family Wednesday (25 September), Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) propose to each other and both say ‘yes’ in unison.

The couple, who have an adopted daughter, Lily, found out early in the episode that they could finally legally marry. The plot then involved planning their respective proposals to each other.

Ferguson live tweeted during the telecast with the newly married gay actor writing at one point: ‘Yay gay marriage!’

Writer Jeffrey Richman, who is gay, says to The Hollywood Reporter of the episode: ‘As I started writing, I became unexpectedly emotional. I teared up writing it. I teared up hearing it read. And I completely teared up seeing that moment where they both just say "yes" at the exact same time. That was so moving for me. I felt like, "OK, maybe I got it right because I never cry at weddings."’

Richman says it was not until the US Supreme Court’s rulings that gutted the Defense of Marriage Act and killed California’s Proposition 8 that writers began to consider a Mitch and Cam wedding.

Now that the proposal has taken place, planning for the big day will be a part of this season’s storyline.

‘It wouldn’t just be a one-off story,’ Richman says. ‘It would give us episodes leading up to a wedding, and we’re so hungry for stories. You could see a bachelor party, you could see a party planner, you could see so many things.’

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