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This mom’s advice for straight people is a must-read

This mom’s advice for straight people is a must-read

Angel Cox-Colbert, a mom who gave great advice to straight people

A mom recently took to Facebook to share some much-needed advice for straight people if someone from the LGBTI community comes out to them.

It started when Angel Cox-Colbert’s daughter told her mom a friend recently came out to her. Then she revealed to her mom that her friend was suffering harassment and abuse online because of it.

‘I read the thread of his post,’ Cox-Colbert told LGBTQ Nation. ‘No one was threatening or aggressive. It was a lot of religious rhetoric which is aggressive in a “nice” way.

‘My heart sank and blood boiled with each comment.’

The exchanges and comments spurred Cox-Colbert to make a post of her own. The advice she gives is a must-read for all, but especially straight people when someone comes out to them.

The dos and don’ts 

Here is Cox-Colbert’s post.

Angel Cox-Colbert's post
The mom’s post | Photo: Facebook

For everyone, this is what Cox-Colbert said people shouldn’t say:

  • ‘I don’t agree with or condone that lifestyle,’ as Cox-Colbert explains people aren’t asking for permission when coming out.
  • Anything with religion. She further adds: ‘I guarantee I can find things in the Bible that doesn’t coincide with YOUR life just as easily. Just don’t be THAT person. Besides, you also shouldn’t assume everyone believes in the same things as you.’

Instead, this is what people should say:

  • Say ‘ok’ if you can’t be supportive
  • Once more, just say ‘ok’ if you find you’re not supportive and want to say something else

The loving mother ends her post with a note: ‘To my friends, family, any of my children’s friends, or a complete stranger for that matter: if you’re gay, lesbian, transgender, or queer, I got you. You’re safe with me. You’re supported. You’re loved.’