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This mom sent her gay son’s ‘thirsty’ pictures to a carpenter – and it might’ve landed him a date

This mom sent her gay son’s ‘thirsty’ pictures to a carpenter – and it might’ve landed him a date

This thirst trap in a unicorn mirror has sent one yoga instructor's tweet viral after his mom sent it to a carpenter | Photo: Twitter

How would you feel if your mom went on your Instagram and sent your thirstiest photos to a stranger?

Sohail is an access and inclusion officer at a university in Minnesota who moonlights as a yoga teacher in the evening. One of his tweets, about that exact dilemma, has gone viral.

The 30-year-old from Minneapolis, Minnesota tweeted why his mother shared his sexy photos with a local carpenter. The reason? She needed to commission him to make a replica of a unicorn mirror she’d bought Sohail.

He tells Gay Star News: ‘My parents gifted it to me for Christmas in 2016 after they came across it at a Wisconsin estate sale.’

Sohail’s parents needed the woodworker to make another a unicorn mirror as his sister is ‘jealous she didn’t get one as well’.

Unfortunately, Sohail didn’t reply to his mother in time.

So, she decided to go on Instagram to find photos of the mirror. The carpenter could then provide a quote and accept the job.

It turns out the carpenter did not only want the job, he asked if Sohail could be the down-payment.

Naturally, Sohail jumped at the chance to date his mom’s new woodworker.

On whether he was successful at getting the date he tells GSN:

‘My mom has threatened to take me out of the will before. And she did it again if I were to go through with making him the vision board I told my sister I wanted to make him. But these mom threats don’t scare me, so we’ll see.’

His mom thinks his Instagram is ‘smutty’

When Gay Star News reached out to Sohail, he wondered whether his mom minds his ‘smutty’ Instagram.

Pleased to hear from us he replied:

‘Stick out your hand in a high five motion, find the hairiest thing in your current setting and run (gently) your hand in said high five motion into said hairy object’

‘That’s a high five to my thigh.’ – Obviously.

🛁🐰 bath bunny 🐰🛁 | Photo: Instagram @Sideofhail
🛁🐰 bath bunny 🐰🛁 | Photo: Instagram @Sideofhail

He added: ‘Sharing our feelies over a communal Triple Dipper™, and after my sister read some of the comments, “smutty” became her normative word, and it’s quite special.

‘My sister first showed my mom my Instagram account when we were at a Chili’s, where we went because my father wanted to “dine like an American” one evening.

‘She immediately asked me why my “portraits” can’t be more like that of Anne Geddes. I said that they essentially are. Just substitute a precious white baby resting in a tub of rose petals – for your hairy son resting in a tub of balls.’

‘I don’t take my mom’s acceptance for granted.’

Sohail says he has always had a cheeky relationship with his parents.

‘I’ve never taken their acceptance, warmth, love, and sass for granted. I am well aware of many members of our greater queer community struggle to navigate their personal expression of queerness. Especially on a platform, their parents may have access to.’

‘For those who follow me on social media, the dynamic between my parents — specifically my mom and I — is something I enjoy sharing, or what she calls, “exploiting.”

And that’s clear to see by just scrolling through his Instagram.

So utterly charmed by the experience of chatting to Sohail, we’d like to defend him against any offensive remarks made against him. (And find any excuse to share more pictures from said Instagram account.)

So, here’s our best shot at giving evidence that Sohail’s Instagram ‘isn’t’ smutty.

We refuse to associate meat queens with smut.

🍗👑✨the local balloon shop lady called my purchase - mom thinks it's smutty
🍗👑✨the local balloon shop lady called my purchase “questionable”✨ | Photo: Instagram @sideofhail

Because no-one who reads in the bath in the buff is smutty.

Sohail reading in the bath
🐵📕 | Photo: Instagram @sideofhail

And yet, maybe mothers know best?

🇺🇸to celebrate the holiday i'm dressed as american sweetheart lindsay bluth fünke💋 | Photo: Instagram @sideofhail
🇺🇸to celebrate the holiday i’m dressed as american sweetheart lindsay bluth fünke💋 | Photo: Instagram @sideofhail

Sohail also wanted to let us know he once DM’d Celine Dion. We’ll let you know if she ever gets back to him.

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