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Momentum Black Caucus press officer compares Labour LGBTI meet to KKK

Momentum Black Caucus press officer compares Labour LGBTI meet to KKK

Lee Jasper shared this photo from LGA Labour (Photo: Twitter)

Momentum Black Caucus press officer, Lee Jasper, has been widely denounced for a tweet in which he labeled an LGBTI Labour meeting a ‘gay KKK night out’.

Jasper was sharing a post by Labour’s Local Government Association (LGA) about building an LGBT councilors network.

Jasper did not give any further comment on what his tweet was referring to and was not immediately available for comment.

Some Twitter users suggested he may have been commenting on the fact that there didn’t appear to be any people of color in LGA’s post.

Momentum is a left-wing British political organization. It supports and campaigns for the leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.


MP Paul Sweeney said he was ‘disgusted by it [the Tweet] and its author’ and that he intended to pass it to Labour Party authorities.

Labour Councillor for Oval, Philip Normal, said ‘this is disgusting and there is no place in the Labour Party for this’.

Momentum Warrington was keen to call Jasper out:

Councillor Amy Cross thanked people for responding to the tweet. She urged people to join LGBT Labour.

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