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Moniece Slaughter claims her father disowned her for coming out as bisexual

Moniece Slaughter claims her father disowned her for coming out as bisexual

Bisexual singer Moniece Slaughter

Bisexual singer Moniece Slaughter revealed yesterday (15 April) that her father disowned after coming out two years ago.

The star – known for making her way through the Love & Hip Hop reality TV franchise – wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption about the strained relationship with her father, Michael Lloyd Slaughter.

She sketched out the three reasons for him disowning her, ranging from her involvement with reality television to her sexuality.

What did she claim?

‘You won’t find him on ig [Instagram],’ she wrote on her father, ‘I can’t even find him in real life.’

‘He disowned me. First for reciprocating the extreme disrespect he’d unjustly bestowed upon my mother. Then because he didn’t want anyone to associate my brother Kyle, and my sister, Lauryn, with me because of my portrayal on reality tv.

‘Lastly for coming out.’


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The actress spoke at length about her she felt ‘hurt’ and ‘angry,’ and ‘slightly empathetic.’ Before now feeling ‘literally nothing about the matter.’

She added: ‘I didn’t ask to be here. I didn’t get to pick my parents. It wasn’t my loss. It was his.’

Her step-father, Dave Thomas, is a member of famed gospel group, Take 6. She credited him with being the father her biological father never was.

Moniece wrote: ‘And I was very loved indeed. Not only by mother. But my father, Dave. A heavy presence in my life. My son’s life. And everything we do and are. I wanted for nothing.’

When did she come out?

Just over two years ago, Slaughter dropped an Instagram video in which she reaffirmed her sexuality.

‘I am. I always have been. A bi-sexual woman,’ she said. Rurors had swirled about her sexuality, hence why she pulled up an otherwise unknown VladTV interview in which she confirmed she was bi.

She then denied rumors she’s dating a woman for a ‘storyline,’ and said: ‘You will not be seeing my girlfriend on the show.’

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