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Montenegro’s first Pride attacked by extremists chanting ‘kill the gays’

Montenegro’s first Pride attacked by extremists chanting ‘kill the gays’

Montenegro’s first LGBT rights parade was attacked by hundreds of extremists screaming ‘kill the gays’.

On Wednesday in Budva the parade, nicknamed ‘Seaside Pride’, was attended by roughly 120 people.

When the LGBT people marched through the south-eastern European country coastal town, it was interrupted by around 200 homophobic protesters throwing stones and bottles.

Several of the participants were injured and police arrested several people.

‘Everybody who was against this today will be ashamed one day,’ Aleksandar Sasa Zekovic, one of the organizers, said at the beginning of the parade according to local media.

Before the event, Balkan Insight reports how a fake obituary was published on the internet announcing the ‘death’ of Zdravko Cimbaljevic, the head of the LGBT Forum Progress.

Everlyne Paradis, Executive Director of IGLA-Europe, said it was an ‘unfortunate day for Montenegro’.

She said: ‘A group of LGBTI citizens exercised their fundamental right to assembly and publicly express themselves peacefully.

‘Unfortunately other citizens employed violent methods to deprive their compatriots of this basic right.

Paradis added: ‘The events of today clearly demonstrate that despite some positive progress in laws against discrimination, there is a huge need for education and awareness raising to be done by the Montenegrin authorities in order to cultivate and promote the basic principles and values of the European Union among its citizens, the principles of diversity and respect for human rights.’

The first Gay Pride parade was originally organized for May 2011 by LGBT Forum Progress, but was cancelled after two attacks on gay people in the capital before the start of the event.

In May, Montenegro’s Anti-Discrimination Council supported a draft strategy aimed at improving life for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals over the next five years.