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More than half of gay employees are closeted at work

20% of US LGBT workers say they have looked for another job because the work envionment was too homophobic

More than half of gay employees are closeted at work
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The majority of LGBT Americans are closeted at work, a new poll has revealed.

53% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees say they feel uncomfortable to come out, despite support for LGBTI rights continuing to grow.

According to the poll of 806 LGBT people published the Human Rights Campaign, the percentage has barely budged from 51% in 2009.

One in four LGBT responds said they continue to hear offensive comments, including ‘that’s so gay’, in the workplace.

20% of employees have said they looked for a new job because their work environment was not accepting.

As a result of that workplace culture, around 35% of LGBT employees say they actively lie about their personal lives.

‘It’s not enough to simply implement inclusive policies — those policies need to be augmented by training and accountability, and [leaders] need to be on the lookout for unconscious bias,’ said Deena Fidas, director of HRC’s Workplace Equality Program.

‘Employees are getting married without telling their coworkers for fear of losing social connections, or they’re not transitioning even though they know they need to for fear of losing their jobs.’

She added: ‘The inclusive policies coming from the boardroom have not fully made it into the everyday culture of the American workplace.’

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