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You’re more likely to have sex if any of these factors apply to you

You’re more likely to have sex if any of these factors apply to you

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There are numerous identifiable factors that can contribute to people having more sex, according to a new study.

UK researchers published their findings in the Sexual and Reproductive Health Journal last month. It looked at the sexual habits of 3,000 British men and 3,800 British women aged 50 and over.

They then analyzed certain sociodemographic and behavioural factors and found you’re more likely to have more previous sexual partners if you’re:

  • A gay man
  • A bisexual woman
  • Separated or divorced
  • Single or never married
  • A man in the lowest 20% of wealth
  • A man in the highest 20% of wealth
  • Someone who does regular moderate/vigorous physical activity
  • A current or former smoker
  • A regular/frequent alcohol-drinker

Interestingly, 29.8% of men said they’ve had zero or one previous sexual partners. 30% reported two to four previous sexual partners, while 19.9% had 10 or more partners.

This compares to 4.5% of ‘homosexual’ respondents reporting zero or one previous sexual partners and 84.1% reporting more than 10.

Study co-author Dr Sarah Jackson of University College London (UCL) then said: ‘Bisexuality in women and homosexuality in men were independently associated with a higher number of lifetime sexual partners.’

The researchers hope the study can help ‘health practitioners to identify individuals who are at greatest risk of STIs and their associated health complications across the life course.’

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