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Mormon parents tell gay kids ‘it gets better’

Mormon parents tell gay kids ‘it gets better’

Mormon parents have come out to tell their gay children ‘it gets better’ in a new video that confronts The Church of Latter-day Saints’ strict disapproval of homosexuality.

The It Gets Better video was released today (21 April) as part of a national conference for gay Mormons in Washington D.C, USA.

In the video the parents share their experiences of struggling with their faith when their children told them they were gay, and how they came to love them for who they are.

Charles Carver, a father from Utah, said about his son: ‘When he came out, I wasn’t quite ready to accept that situation. But my job is to love. My job is to accept.’

Another father, Stephen Cohen, said: ‘There was once upon a time that I told a co-worker of mine that if a gay ever came on to me I would punch him. Now, you know what I would probably do? I would hug him.’

‘Nobody in their right mind would choose this, nobody that is (Latter-day Saints) would choose to be ostracized by their whole entire family’ says Andrea Carver. ‘I just pray that whoever is watching this that you will learn to love yourself and appreciate who you are as a person.’

The video is similar to one of 22 Mormon gay students from Brigham Young University in Utah who decided to share their stories. Both videos were produced by Kendall Wilcox, a gay former employee of the college.

Wilcox said: ‘It's sort of an invitation to Mormons everywhere to come out and say, we can't be quiet about this anymore. We have to show support.’

It Gets Better was founded in 2010 by columnist Dan Savage as a response to gay teen suicide, reminding teenagers they are not alone.

Watch the beautiful video here: