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Which US states are searching for Mormon, redneck and ‘tickle’ gay porn?

Which US states are searching for Mormon, redneck and ‘tickle’ gay porn?

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You won’t believe what gay porn people are watching in the US.

As a special Pride season treat, PornHub released new statistics on what search terms are the most popular in each state.

Again, ‘black’ and ‘straight’ topped the list of the most viewed gay porn. But interestingly, it’s the relative search terms that are the most bizarre.

In searches compared with other US states, Utah is 845% more likely to search for ‘Mormon’. Mormon is also popular in Idaho, with 437%. These areas have high populations of Mormons.

Similarly, ‘redneck’ is 152% more popular in West Virginia, ‘cowboy’ is the most popular in Montana (with a high population of cowboys) and ‘tickle’ is 718% more popular in Massachussets.

It seems these trends indicate people are watching the gay porn that hits close to home.

Porn Hub relative search terms

Among other noteworthy statistics, breakdowns of the most popular gay categories (compared to other age groups) reveal 18-24 year olds search for ‘Japanese’ the most, then ‘black’, ‘college’ and ‘daddy’.

On the flip side, over 65 year olds are 184% more likely to search for ‘massage’, then ‘blowjob’, ‘fetish’ and ‘twink’.

Surprisingly, women make up 26% of all visitors to Porn Hub, but 37% of gay porn viewers.

The most popular search term from the past 10 years years was ‘lesbian‘.

Porn Hub redneck
Porn Hub

Porn Hub also revealed gay men play a big part in the site too, although gay porn only makes up 6.3% of all the site’s page views.

That said, gay men have one of the most uploaded video categories of all time.

Over the past 10 years, 1.86 million gay porn clips have been uploaded to the site, with the only category boasting more content are amateur videos, which amassed 2.26 million clips.

For reference, there are more than 10 million videos available on the website overall.