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Morocco Police arrest two over mob beating of trans woman in Fez

Morocco Police arrest two over mob beating of trans woman in Fez

Morocco trans woman was attacked by a mob

Police have arrested two men over a 29 June attack on a Moroccan transgender woman in the city of Fez that went viral online and authorities hope to identify more suspects

Moroccan authorities have announced the capture of two suspects in a brutal and sustained attack by a mob on a transgender woman in the city of Fez last week and are hopeful of making more arrests.

‘Two suspects have been arrested for the time being and the investigation will continue to determine the responsibility of other persons,’ police said in a statement circulated by Moroccan national news agency MAP.

While carrying no comment on the right of LGBTI people to be able to live in safety, the statement stressed the ‘firm determination of the authorities to take action against those who act outside the law.’

In the video the trans woman is seen being punched and hit by several unidentified individuals, and as she tries to flee, she is hunted down by the crowd.

Forcing her to the ground, the crowd is seen striking her and kicking her in the head. One thug used a motorcycle to attack her as she clearly struggled to stay conscious.

Finding the strength to flee once again, the victim then ran towards a market where a police officer protected her from the clutches of her attackers by drawing his pistol and pointing it in the air.

It was reported that several glass bottles were thrown at the police car that took the victim away to safety.

Homosexual acts are punishable by up to three years in prison in Morocco and the country’s laws do not recognise the possibility of gender transition so transgender women could potentially be punished under the same law.

Two gay men were jailed for four months as recently as 19 June for kissing in public – deemed an ‘affront to public decency’ and an ‘unnatural act with a person of the same sex.’