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Morrissey: ‘Everyone prefers their own race’

Morrissey: ‘Everyone prefers their own race’

Morrissey is now infamous for his controversial comments on race (Photo: Facebook)

Controversial landmark of the British music scene, Morrissey, this week said ‘everyone prefers their own race’.

In an interview with his nephew, Sam Esty Rayner, posted to Morrissey’s own website the former Smiths frontman made a number of provocative comments.

Morrissey confirmed his support for far right group For Britain and said Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage would make a good prime minister.

It comes after he faced criticism for wearing a Britain First on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last month.

Rayner asked Morrissey about claims he was a racist.

The singer said the word is ‘meaningless now’.

‘Everyone ultimately prefers their own race – does this make everyone racist?’ he then asked.

‘Diversity can’t possibly be a strength if everyone has ideas that will never correspond’ he went on to say.

‘If borders are such terrible things then why did they ever exist in the first place? Borders bring order.’

Nigel Farage

Also in the interview, Morrissey described the UK as ‘a dangerously hateful place’.

He said For Britain leader Anne Marie Walter was the person to ‘stop to the lunacy and to speak for everyone’.

‘She is extremely intelligent, ferociously dedicated to this country, she is very engaging, and also very funny at times’ he said.

When quizzed about Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, he said: ‘It’s obvious that he would make a good prime minister’


Morrissey, whose full name is Steven Patrick Morrissey, rose to fame in the 80s as frontman of Manchester band The Smiths.

Morrissey has previously faced criticism for describing Chines people as a ‘subspecies’.

He also said ‘halal slaughter requires certification that can only be given by supporters of Isis’.

He also once called Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran as ‘obvious and predictable’.

In his 2013 autobiography details his two-year relationship with photographer Jake Owen Walters in the mid 1990s.

But, that year he also wrote: ‘Unfortunately, I am not homosexual’

‘In technical fact, I am humasexual. I am attracted to humans’ he wrote in a statement posted to a Swedish fan site.

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