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Moscow Large Families conference drafts resolution calling for global ban on ‘gay propaganda’

Moscow Large Families conference drafts resolution calling for global ban on ‘gay propaganda’

The Large Families – the Future of Humanity International Forum was held in Moscow last week and delegates have put forward a resolution calling on world leaders to ban positive discussion of same-sex relationships all over the world.

The conference was organized after the World Congress of Families had to suspend its plans to hold a conference in Moscow in September after hostilities broke out between Russia and the Ukraine.

The organizers of the World Congress of Families have repeatedly praised Russia for its ban on positive public discussion of same-sex relationships – which it terms ‘homosexual propaganda to minors.’

However the World Congress of Families has officially distanced itself from this new conference, held in the same week it planned to hold its event, though many of its supporters attended it.

World Congress of Families managing director Larry Jacobs and communications director Don Feder were listed on the forum’s seven-member organizing committee – though the World Congress of Families says it did not provide financial support for the new conference.

The Large Families conference was officially organized by Russia’s Center of National Glory and the St. Andrew the First-Called Foundation as part of Russia’s ‘Sanctity of Motherhood’ program, as well as the Saint Basil the Great Charitable Foundation and the Russian Orthodox Patriarchal Commission for Family, Motherhood and Childhood Protection.

Representatives of ‘family values’ groups from the US, Canada, the UK, Italy, France, Poland, Mexico, Venezuela, Australia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Latvia, Russia and the Philippines attended the conference and worked on the draft resolution – which warns that LGBTI equality will end human civilization if left unchecked.

‘We, the participants of the Moscow International Forum, express our profound concern because certain countries are pursuing tenacious policies and an unprecedented propaganda campaign, all of which is leading to the ultimate destruction of the Natural Family − an institution that in a civilized society is the foundation of order, state’s prosperity and social peace,’ the resolution reads.

‘The preservation of mankind is based on a system of family and kindred ties that are formed through the bonds of marriage between a male and a female and the children born to them. This and only this alone is capable of ensuring the reproduction, stability and continuity of human civilization. All other kinds of sexual relationships or alliances intentionally that exclude the birth of children are meaningless for they are devoid of the notion set down in the very definition of the word “family.”’

‘Such a society is ultimately aimed at destroying faith in God, as well as belief in good. These post-modern policies focused on the material wealth are destroying what is human in the human being (as created by God), at wrecking the spiritual dimension in Man – all of which are his distinguishing features in Living Nature.’

The resolution then calls on world leaders to take several actions to suppress the rights of LGBTI people.

The first is ‘to unite before the threat of total dehumanization of society, to set up a barrier on the road of ideology-lined, state-supported interference in the private lives of people, in an attempt to foist specific sexual lifestyles and preferences of the minority upon the majority.’

The second is ‘to oppose the cynical utilization of women as surrogate mothers in the interests of same-gender liaisons and alliances.’

The third is ‘to uphold the interests of children and to work for the adoption of legislative bans on all types of propaganda concerning homosexual relationships in the environment of children and juveniles.’

Conference delegates hope to send the resolution to national leaders around the world as well as the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, the UN Secretary General and the UN Supreme Commissioner for Human Rights.

The World Congress of Families has been struggling recently after being caught in the media’s glare in Australia where all the Australian Government lawmakers who planned to attend the group’s Melbourne conference eventually cancelled.