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Moscow lawmakers reject ‘gay gag’ bill

Moscow lawmakers reject ‘gay gag’ bill

Moscow’s regional parliament has rejected an anti-gay ‘propaganda’ bill similar to homophobic laws passed elsewhere in Russia.

The proposed law, which would ban ‘non-traditional sexual orientation propaganda to minors’, was filed with the Duma on 16 November by the local Council of Municipal Entities.

A Duma spokesman told the RIA Novosti news agency today (22 November) that the legislation ‘will not be accepted’ because it is in conflict with the country’s federal law.

St Petersburg’s city assembly adopted a ‘gay gag’ law in February following the introduction of similar bans in the Russian administrative regions of Ryazan and Arkhangelsk in 2006 and 2011.

The St Petersburg law punishes ‘homosexual propaganda’ in public alongside pedophile propaganda with fines of up to $15,600, and is designed to protect children from positive messages about LGBT people.

Last month Madonna faced prosecution under the law for speaking out for gay rights during her concert in the city.