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Moscow threatens again to ban gay couples from adopting Russian children

Moscow threatens again to ban gay couples from adopting Russian children

Vladimir Putin has reiterated plans to ban foreign gay couples from adopting Russian children.

On Friday (26 April), the Russian president again signalled that he would change adoption agreements with countries where gay marriage was legal.

Putin said: ‘We treat our partners with respect, but we ask that they treat with respect the cultural traditions, the ethic, legal and moral norms of Russia.’

His statement came as a response to a Russian politician who suggested changes to adoption agreements with France, since the country legalized gay marriage.

According to British newspaper the Telegraph, France adopted 283 Russian children in 2011, with Britain adopting 48 Russian children in the same year.

Earlier this week, amidst nation-wide protests, France became the 14th country in the world to approve same-sex marriage and adoption of children by same-sex couples. 

‘I believe I have the right to introduce changes into such documents,’ said the Russian president.

‘This is a topical question, we need to think about this.’

This is Putin’s second public announcement to ban gay couples adopting from Russia since a month ago. 

Russian politicians suggested reforming adoption laws as early as February, when British MPs approved a nationwide gay marriage legislation.

In December 2012, Putin signed a legal ban on Americans adopting Russian children after President Barack Obama approved the Magnitsky Act, which gives the American government the right to reject visas for Russian officials accused of human rights violations.

Human rights envoy for the Russian foreign ministry Konstantin Dolgov said earlier this year: ‘The British and French parliaments have legalised same-sex marriages. This narrows the chances of citizens of these countries adopting Russian children.’

Russia does not allow gay marriage, or adoption by same-sex couples.