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These are the most idiotic homophobes and transphobes of 2017

These are the most idiotic homophobes and transphobes of 2017

Stephen Colbert portrays Vladimir Putin as super gay icon

It’s been a glorious year for homophobia and transphobia, alas.

On the other hand, it hasn’t always worked out for the haters. So we offer you our Gay Star News list – in no particular order – of the most idiotic homophobes of the year for you to reflect on.

You’re welcome.


Trump claims the trans ban is a 'great favor'
Trump claims the trans ban is a ‘great favor’ | Photo: Twitter

President of the United States, Donald Trump kicks off our list.

Most recently for not inviting LGBTI and black reporters to the White House annual holiday party.

But 2017 will be remembered not just for his homophobia, but also for his transphobia.

2017 was the year he tried, unsuccessfully, to ban trans people from the army. It backfired. The international community rebuked him for the decision. And even his own military leaders took him to task. What is more, his popularity is now at rock bottom.

Does he have any queer in him though? Well, two of his former senior aides did reveal he blasts Elton John songs on his plane so loudly staff ‘can’t hear themselves think.’ What a rocket man.

Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore
Judge Roy Moore | Photo: JudgeRoyMoore, Facebook

You’ll remember him for blaming liberal forces for the allegations that dogged his election campaign.

The former Alabama Chief Justice was the Republican candidate for Senate in his state. More thought the ‘gays, lesbians, bisexual and trans’ were behind claims he behaved inappropriately to a woman when she was 14.

It turns out that was too much even for one of the strongest Republican seats in the country. And so he lost the race. He was the first Republican Senator to lose in the state since the 1990s – whoops.

Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott repeatedly obstructed gay marriage reform while in office.
Tony Abbott repeatedly obstructed gay marriage reform while in office | Photo: Twitter

Australia’s PM Abbot ordered a non-binding postal vote to decide if the country should bring in equal marriage, because he didn’t want to just do it.

Then the country voted for it.

During the campaign, he said his lesbian sister’s kids would be better off with straight parents. But was also super against Macklemore playing the rugby league grand final in support of the Yes campaign.

The postal ballot saw him head-butted and, ever since the result, he’s been busy eating his words. Ouch.

The guy who spent money on this

Skywriting across Sydney urges people to vote no for marriage equality
Skywriting across Sydney urges people to vote no for marriage equality | Photo: Matt Bevan/Twitter Matt Bevan/Twitter

Staying with Australia, we have to nod to this guy.

Skywriting appeared over Sydney in September to encourage Australians to ‘Vote No’ to marriage equality.

Money well spent obviously.

Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson an anti-Muslim Australian Senator wore a burqa into the Senate | Photo: Twitter via @sussanley Twitter via @sussanley

Pauline Hanson once said Australia was in ‘danger of being swamped by Muslims.’

During the equal marriage campaign, she was a vocal ‘no’ campaigner.

Then this year the Australian anti-Muslim Senator took to the bizarre political stunt of walking into to the Australian parliament’s Senate chamber wearing a burqa.

She is the leader of her own Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party. Hanson has long been known for her anti-immigration policies and anti-gay views.

Hanson claims she wore the black burqa into the Senate because she wanted to ‘ban full-face coverings in public’.

Straight Lives Matter – but not enough to get people to turn up

Straight Lives Matter protest in Sydney, Australia
A Straight Lives Matter protest in Australia, but hardly anyone came | Photo: Twitter

Sydney held a Straight Lives Matter protest in the run-up to the marriage vote too.

But literally only 30 people showed up.

The rally, organized by the Party For Freedom aimed to give supporters of traditional marriage an opportunity to band together in solidarity and speak out against the proposed legalization of same sex marriage.

It called for an end to the ‘sick and vile homosexual agenda’ and refers to same-sex marriage as a ‘fad.’

Hate preacher who claims God sends disasters to punish gay people – gets flooded

Tony Perkins is unsure of why God destroyed his home
Tony Perkins is unsure of why God destroyed his home | Photo: Twitter

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, has long claimed God sends natural disasters to punish people for the ‘sin’ of homosexuality.

Then a flood destroyed his home in southern Louisiana.

His organization is designated an anti-LGBTI hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He was forced to escape his destroyed home by canoe.


Margaret Court

Margaret Court is against same-sex marriage coming to Australia
Margaret Court was against same-sex marriage coming to Australia | Photo: Twitter

She is the tennis legend just got dumped by her tennis club for her views against same-sex marriage.

Court lost her re-election for the position, after members voted her out of the Cottesloe Tennis Club in Perth, Australia.

She believes she’s being ‘silenced’ on the issue of same-sex marriage and the move was ‘politically motivated.’

Court also believes LGBTI people want marriage ‘because they want to destroy it.’

The most stupid vandal in the world?

Azztek Stone employee (phone number blurred out)
Azztek Stone employee (phone number blurred out) | Photo: Twitter

An Australian Facebook page tempted people to vandalize a mural of George Michael in Sydney’s inner west.

Christian Lives Matter wrote in a Facebook post: ‘WE CALL FOR YOU TO ACT ON THIS URGENTLY!’

In response, this man wearing his work t-shirt with their phone number on it, acted.

But, unfortunately for him, a couple managed to take photos of him.

His bosses at Azztek Stone, soon found out about the vandalism and responded swiftly. He doesn’t work for the firm anymore.

‘Killer crocodiles a more urgent issue than same-sex marriage’ politician

Australian MP Bob Katter is does not want to talk about marriage equality anymore. Photo: Twitter via @Twitter via @JohnJohnsonson Twitter via @JohnJohnsonson

Bob Katter is a notorious figure in Australian politics, with his latest reaction to Australia’s ‘yes’ vote to marriage equality going viral.

The north Queensland-based Katter was speaking at a press conference when asked for his thoughts on the issue.

‘I mean, y’know, people are entitled to their sexual proclivities. Let there be a thousand blossoms bloom, as far as I’m concerned,’ he responded in a light-hearted way.

Then suddenly his face changed into one of disgust and he urged Australians to think of bigger issues at hand.

‘But I ain’t spendin’ any time on it, because in the meantime, every three months, a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in North Queensland,’ he angrily declared.

The ‘we’ll get divorced if Australia votes yes to same-sex marriage (actually no we won’t)’ couple

Nick and Sarah Jensen might divorce if same-sex marriage is legal in Australia
Nick and Sarah Jensen | Photo: Nick Jensen Facebook

A straight Christian couple who vowed to divorce if same-sex marriage becomes legal in Australia are now backtracking.

Aussie couple Nick and Sarah Jensen made headlines in 2015 after promising to divorce as an act of protest.

At the time, they said they would divorce, but remain together, and continue to have children. They’ll even continue to call each other ‘husband’ and wife’ and consider themselves married in the eyes of God.

Now they seem to have decided that sharing the institution of marriage with same-sex couples is tolerable after all.

The British Press

The Sun is being slammed for scaremongering trans gay drag queen story
Left: Drag Queen Story Time – Right: The Sun’s front page Drag Queen Story Time Facebook | The Sun

In what has felt like a throwback to 1980s gay scare stories, 2017 has seen a tirade of anti-trans press.

Not least when the Sun was slammed for their ‘scaremongering’ trans drag queen story.

The Daily Mail gets a shout for outing a young gay teenager at the UK Conservative party conference.

And how could we forget The Times? Pick up nearly any copy of their Sunday edition this year. 

Venice Allen

Venice Allan posts 'creepy' selfie of Lily Madigan in the background
Venice Allan posts ‘creepy’ selfie of Lily Madigan in the background | Photo: Twitter

An anti-trans so-called feminist was kicked out of a Labour women’s Christmas party for targeting a trans teen.

Venice Allan was removed from the UK political party event for making Lily Madigan ‘feel unsafe’.

Madigan, at just 19, has become the first trans person to be elected as a women’s officer in her home constituency.


Zimbabwe's leader Robert Mugabe fired by ruling party
Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe | Photo: Flickr a-birdie Flickr/a-birdie

This is more of a legacy posting, but as 2017 was the year the despot was dethroned in a military coup – an honorary mention feels appropriate.

Mugabe is well known for vocally spreading hateful messages about LGBTI people during his presidency.

In 2013, he promised hell for gay and lesbians if he was re-elected. In the same speech, he said gay people should also ‘rot in jail.’

Not to mention, he also previously threatened to cut gay people’s heads off, as well as saying ‘filthy gays destroy nations.’

The country has finally – and jubilantly – succeeded in booting him out.

But will Zimbabwe’s new leader be any better?


Image by Darren Johnson via Flickr
Protestor holds up sign of Putin in London | Photo: Flickr Darren Johnson

Don’t worry babe. You’re always on our list.

Especially after Russia banned nudity-loving British sports team the Warwick Rowers this year for being ‘gay propaganda’.

And of course, his personal ‘duty’ to stop gay people getting married.

But also, let’s not forget that this year saw terrible crimes against LGBTIs in Chechnya.

We’ll see you on our 2018 list?

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