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Mother arrested for confronting young son’s homophobic bullies

Mother arrested for confronting young son’s homophobic bullies

Mother confronted her 8-year-old son's homophobic bullies | Photo: Greenvile Co. Detention Center

A mother was arrested after she went into an elementary school and yelled at homophobic bullies.

Jamie Rathburn, from South Carolina, entered Greenbrier Elementary School without permission.

She yelled at a hallway of schoolkids and, according to Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, ‘pointed her finger in a threatening manner’.

Mother sneaks into elementary school and yells at bullies 

Beth Brotherton, director of communications for the Greenville school district, claimed there have been ‘several isolated incidents’ between Rathburn’s son and fellow classmates.

However, she denied that any of it constituted bullying.

This is in despite that bullies called Rathburn’s son homophobic slurs.

She said her son had scratch marks on his neck ans well as bruises. When Rathburn showed the principal, they did nothing. The school district, however, insists Rathburn’s allegations are simply a case of ‘boys playing rough’.

Rathburn’s son was even thrown off a ladder slide by his neck and even hit with a computer.

The child who allegedly threw Rathburn’s son off the slide was disciplined according to the school’s disciplinary guidelines, Brotherton said.

‘There were several different students over the course of the year who he did not get along with or weren’t the nicest kids in the room or said something unkind,’ admits Brotherton.

‘I don’t recommend [what I did]’

On the day of her arrest, Rathburn made a Facebook live video. She said she was on her way to give the school a ‘piece of her mind’.

After this, a ‘concerned citizen’ decided to inform law enforcement.

‘I just want to make it clear that our employees were not responsible for pressing charges,’ said Brotherton, according to Fox KTVU 2.

Rathburn has also apologized for her behavior. However, she is fed up of her son facing bullying and harassment.

‘I understand what I did was wrong. Like I said, I don’t condone it. I don’t recommend it.

She also said: ‘I wish I could change it. I can’t change it though, the only thing I can do is apologize, because that is sincere, and try to push forward and put the spotlight on what the real issues are, and that’s bullying.’

Rathburn’s son will not be able to return to Greenbrier Elementary School. He will be allowed to attend another school in the district.

‘Anyone who chooses by their own admission to illegally sneak into a school building, yell at a hallway full of 8 and 9-year-old children, and curse an elementary school teacher in front of those children is going to get put on a no trespass notice and not be allowed back into the school for the rest of the year,’ said Brotherton.

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